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Performs data download from GpuMat (Non-Blocking call) More size_t, elemSize () const. returns element size in bytes More size_t, elemSize1 () const. GpuMat (const GpuMat &m) GpuMat (int rows, int cols, int type, void *data, size_t step=Mat::AUTO_STEP) pefroms blocking upload data to GpuMat. More. 7 Aug Please download Windows and Linux version by clicking on "Browse All Files". GPUmat allows standard MATLAB code to run on GPUs. The engine is written in C/C++ and based on NVIDIA CUDA.

2 Mar I'm trying to pass an array of cv::GpuMat (a bunch of masks) to a cuda kernel. Is there a way to do this? I've posted the question on the OpenCV. cv::cuda::GpuMat::GpuMat(int rows_, int cols_, int type_, void* data_, size_t step _): flags(Mat::MAGIC_VAL + (type_ & Mat::TYPE_MASK)), rows(rows_). The solution is: Mat src; src = cv::imread(" "); GpuMat dst;;.

GpuMat is allocated in GPU memory. You can't modify it from CPU code. You can . Set all matrix pixels to the same value (setTo method). Class GpuMat – for storing 2D (pitched) data on GPU. – Interface similar to cv:: Mat(), supports reference counting. – Its data is not continuous, extra padding in. Using cv::Mat, the minimal example below works, but with cv::cuda::GpuMat it returns errors when comiling: #include "ros/ros.h" #include.


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