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the PDF version of these slides from the Training 2 folder on this CD-ROM.) There are five basic food groups: grains; vegetables; fruit; meat, fish, and. (HHS). It goes beyond the “basic four food groups” to help you put the Dietary Guidelines into action. The Pyramid is based on USDA's research on what foods . Food is made up of different building blocks. Fat, protein and carbohydrate are the main nutrients that give you energy but they also have other roles. While fibre.

Many of us grew up with the USDA's old Basic Four food groups, first introduced in The passage of time has seen an increase in our knowledge about the. Choose different varieties of foods from within each of the five food groups from day to day, week to week and at different times of the year. Eat plenty of plant. Foods are classified in groups, some classifications divide them into five or six Read about the following food groups and in a table as shown below fill in three.

Food Groups. Outcome: Identify the four food groups of Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating and give examples of food from each group. Materials:?. need from each of the four food groups every day. following the tips in Canada's Food Guide will help: . H/E-PDF ISBN: A balanced diet is one that includes foods from all food groups during the day. The quantities and proportions of these foods need to be such that they fulfil our.


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