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Unix (/ˈjuːnɪks/; trademarked as UNIX) is a family of multitasking, multiuser computer operating systems that derive from the original AT&T Unix, development starting in the s at the Bell Labs research center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others. History of Unix - List of Unix systems - Xenix - Unix philosophy. a multiuser, multitasking computer operating system. British Dictionary definitions for UNIX. 1. UNIX - trademark for a powerful operating system. UNIX operating system, UNIX system. operating system, OS - (computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services. Based on WordNet , Farlex clipart collection.

English[edit]. Noun[edit]. Unixes. plural of Unix. Anagrams[edit]. unisex. Retrieved from "". The Early Free Unixes. Into the gap left by the Free Software Foundation's uncompleted HURD had stepped a Helsinki University student named Linus Torvalds. This is a simplified diagram of unix history. There are numerous derivative systems not listed in this chart, maybe 10 times more! In the recent past, many.

27 Oct - 30 min - Uploaded by GOTO Conferences This presentation was recorded at GOTO Aarhus Dan North. UNIX systems also have a graphical user interface (GUI) similar to Microsoft Windows which provides an easy to use environment. However, knowledge of UNIX. UNIX is a multitasking operating system developed at Bell Labs in the early s. It was designed to be a small, flexible system used by programmers.


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